Toddler Rooms 1 & 2

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Toddler Room #1

          This past month our children have explored their senses, transportation and identifying letters. The children loved learning about their five senses through art exploration, sensory activities and fun circle time songs. The children absolutely loved playing in the shaving cream art activity.

          As we explored different types of transportation the children began identifying more than just cars, airplanes and trains. They can now identify helicopters, hot air balloons, motorcycles, and so much more! We introduced new toy cars to our room, a variety of different transportation puzzles as well as exciting art activities.

          Over the past couple of weeks, the children have been showing an interest in letters. They have been singing the ABC’s, pointing to letters on our alphabet strip, and trying to write letters. We have given them a variety of different art experiences that allow them to identify letters in their name and recognize their whole name. We have also read and sang many different songs and incorporated the alphabet into small group activities. The children really liked hunting for letters in our sensory bin table!

We are hoping to explore the different signs of spring by introducing new and exciting activities to enhance their understanding. We can’t wait to see where this month’s learning takes us!

Toddler Room #2

          Spring is officially here! Hopefully we will begin to see Spring like weather and explore the different signs of Spring coming soon. With the change in the weather coming, please remember to label all new clothing being brought to school. This helps to ensure that there is no lost or misplaced clothing.

          Lately, we have been interested in matching and sorting. The children have been grouping all kinds of material during their play. They have been matching colours, shapes, animals, and various other things. We provided different toys to both the carpet and table activities to support this interest. We are very excited to see where these activities take us.

          We have also been comparing and discussing sizes, big and small as well as tall and short. Some of the children have been experimenting with simple measuring.

We will be closed Friday, April 19th and Monday, April 22nd for Easter. We hope you all enjoy the long weekend with your families!