Preschool Room #3 News

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Happy summer! During the month of June, we were excited to finally change the season on our classroom calendar. The children’s excitement led to counting down the days until the first day of summer and ending spring with a ‘Last Day Before Summer Party!’

Now that the weather has been nicer, the children have been sharing the activities they are involved in and vacations they have been on. Camping was a popular experience that most of the preschoolers could relate to. This led to our dramatic play centre being turned into a campsite. The children had a blast ‘sleeping’ in the tent, roasting marshmallows and sausages over the light up campfire, fishing and more. During the month of July, our dramatic play centre will be turning into a carnival. A few friends have already mentioned the Essex Fun Fest. We look forward to having one of our own.

We were sad to say goodbye to a few of our friends at the end of June as they had their last day of preschool. We will miss them dearly and hope they have a blast at ‘big school.’ This led to the preschoolers asking how many more days until kindergarten and the number has been dwindling down. As we get closer to the big day we have continued to work on our numbers, letters and letter sounds, shapes, and more. This month we are really practicing writing our names. Almost all of the friends can proudly spell their name out loud quickly and confidently. A name tracing practice sheet was sent out to each child that can be photocopied or laminated and used with dry erase markers for this skill to be practiced at home as well.

Just a reminder that we will be closed Monday, August 5th for the Civic Holiday and we hope you enjoy your long weekend.