The key goals of our programs:

  • To provide an enriched early childhood education experience for all children including children with developmental challenges.
  • To provide a positive learning environment in which relationships, growth in communication skills and a sense of self are formed.
  • To provide optimum opportunity for children to engage in their environment in order for them to grow and flourish.
  • To provide a safe, secure environment in which basic needs are met (nutrition, rest, etc.)
  • To set firm, gentle limits that are both age and developmentally appropriate for the child, encouraging secure, independent individuals.
  • To give specialized services that enable developmentally challenged children to grow to their perceived potential and participate in a full range of activities available to their peers.
  • To work in partnership with parents and support them in meeting their responsibilities to their children.
  • To include future program changes that would benefit young children and their families.
  • We are most involved with developing an enriched experience for the children. We are open to questions and suggestions regarding our pre-school program goals.