Dear Parents,

We have reason to believe that our best advertisement is by word of mouth from our current parents or our parents that have moved on the school system.

Since you, our parents are our best advocates we hope you will appreciate us reminding you of a few of the points you may want to pass on to those word of mouth recipients.

  1. We are a not for profit organization. This means all the proceeds that come in the door, stay in the program. It also means we can fully access government grants which help keep the fees to parents reasonable.
  2. There is consistency in staffing with very little turnover in staff.
  3. The program and curriculum are planned for all ages. This gives the children the best and the most we can give, everyday.
  4. We guarantee the quality of our program.
  5. There is no fee for unlimited vacation days with two weeks’ prior notice.
  6. We give unlimited TLC to all ages.

Thank you for your advocacy on our behalf.

Donna Hedrick and Staff