Preschool Room #1 & #2 News

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Preschool Room #1 News

Summer is here! We have already had many hot days. We try to stay cool by painting with water or building in the shade with our Lardner building pieces. When a heat warning has been issued, we typically will go outside for a shortened time in the morning (if at all, temperature dependant) and not in the afternoon. We hope we don’t get too many more of those days, as the children look forward to our outside time.

Over the spring we witnessed 3 separate Robin families build nests and raise their babies. The children kept a close watch on all of them, always curious to see where they would fly to when they left the nest. The children came to realize that Mother Robin would fly away if they were too loud or got too close. One nest was in our slide structure where the children could reach, but they were very respectful of the nest, especially when the babies hatched. When the parents were trying to feed them, they  backed up and gave them space, watching from a distance.

If you still haven’t submitted your vacation schedule and plan on taking vacation, please let us know so we can staff accordingly.

Just a reminder that Story Book will be closed on Monday, August 5th for the Civic holiday.


Preschool Room #2 News

We are well into summer, and we are having lots of fun in the sun. We have been doing special outdoor activities such as water buckets and paint brushes, chalk painting, mini golf, and on the cooler mornings we have been having dance parties. The other day while we were outside, the children noticed the clouds in the sky resembled various objects and animals. We saw clouds that looked like tractors, snakes, and turtles. We took this interest inside and created our own clouds and tried to imagine what they looked like.

We are saying goodbye to our theatre in our dramatic play. The children had lots of fun dressing up, acting out familiar stories, and putting on puppet shows. However, many of the children are talking about their summer plans of camping so we are going to build a campsite in our dramatic play centre. It will be exciting to see the children pretend to sleep in a tent, roast marshmallows, go fishing, and have picnics.

There has also been lots of interest in sea creatures. Many of the children are asking to watch videos of whales, turtles, and other ocean life on the iPad. We are going to explore and learn lots of fun facts about our underwater friends.

Just a reminder that we are closed Monday, August 5th for the Civic holiday.