Toddler Room #1 and #2 News

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Toddler Room #1 News

Wow, February already! This month we will focus on family, friendship, and of course Valentine’s Day.  If you would like to send a family photo for your child to share at circle time you can send it on remind. Don’t forget to wear red or pink on Wednesday, February 14th. If you choose to send Valentines, we just ask that you put your child’s name on it. There are 19 children in our classroom. We will ensure the children who aren’t scheduled that day get theirs as well❤️

We spent a lot of time in January talking about Arctic Animals and Winter. Snowballs, snowmen, polar bears, penguins, and one little friend who told us repeatedly that the walrus was his favourite😂. The toddlers enjoyed playing out in the snow, but bringing the snow indoors was definitely their favourite. It’s amazing watching your little ones learn and grow.

Reminder that we’re closed Monday, February 19th for Family Day.


Toddler Room #2 News

We can’t believe January has already come and gone! Taking influence from the cold and snowy weather, we spent a majority of the past month learning about Arctic animals and all things Winter. The toddlers loved having the arctic animal plushies on the shelves, with the owls and penguin being the crowd favourites. We were also able to bring snow inside to create a snowy sensory bin which featured fresh snow, ice cubes, and Arctic animal figurines. They loved feeling the snow and ice, using words like “cold” to describe it, as well as poking the two and differentiating that the snow was “soft” and the ice was “hard.” With the frigid temperatures we didn’t get to spend much time outside recently; however, we hope it warms up just a tiny bit so we can have some fun in the snow with our shovels and sleds!

With Valentine’s Day coming up this month we will be talking about the people that we love, and it would be great if you could send in a picture of your family. Either a physical copy or a digital copy over the Remind app. The toddlers love being able to see their families and show them off to their friends. As well please feel free to wear red or pink to celebrate on Valentine’s Day.

Reminder: Story Book E.L.C will be closed Monday, February 19th for Family Day. We hope you enjoy time off with your loved ones.