Toddler Room #1 & #2 News

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Toddler Room #1 

We have had the best summer with your little ones. It’s hard to believe it’s coming to an end. We are looking forward to a new ‘school’ year. Beautiful Autumn weather and all the fun Fall curriculum.

We would like to welcome all the little friends who are new to our room. As they move up, we say goodbye to some of our friends who are ready for preschool . We will miss them, but know they are ready for all of the new experiences as they continue on their learning journey.

With a new season approaching, it’s that time of year to check your children’s cubbies. Please ensure they have season appropriate clothing and check for anything they may have outgrown. Our mornings are also getting cooler if you could send a sweater or light jacket. As always it helps if you can label everything.


Toddler Room #2

We are sad to see the summer go but we are excited to wish all the best to our friends moving up to the preschool room for their next adventure. We are also looking forward to welcoming lots of new friends into the toddler room. To create a welcoming new environment, we have added a new and larger classroom family tree and a “Bucket Filling” corner to promote kindness.

Towards the end of August, we began discussing the importance of being nice to one another. During circle we read the book “Have You Filled a Bucket Today?” In this story we learned different ways we can be nice to our friends and how to fill their “buckets” (self-esteem/happiness). To further promote this story, we had the children decorate their own buckets as a visual aid. We have been encouraging and recognizing the kind acts we see throughout the day by providing the child with a “certificate” to post and show their family. They are so excited when they receive one and are able to show their parents.

During the month of August, we also talked about gardening. A farmers’ market dramatic play centre was made with fake flowers and flower pots, fruits and vegetables, and gardening gear such as gloves, rakes, shovels, and more. The children had the most fun planting real seeds, filling their individual cups with dirt, and watering the bean stalks every morning. This became a routine the children looked forward to and couldn’t wait to see if their plant grew each time they came to the centre.

Due to some of the parents that are teachers and older siblings in our classroom going back to school it became a new popular topic. Moving into September we will continue this interest and learn more about ‘big school.’