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“Roaring in like a lion, bouncing out like a lamb.

Spring is making magic over all the land.

Pushing up the flowers, painting on the leaves.

Warming up the weather, waking up the trees.

Bringing back the bluebirds spreading sunny cheer.

Spring is making magic making winter disappear!”

Welcome back Spring, we have been waiting for you! This month we have been intrigued by our own imaginations, dreaming about sunshine, outdoor activities, and warmer days to come. Many of our students have been hoping that this season we will be able to start experiencing festivities and fun again.

In addition, our minds have been focused on answering questions such as “what would it be like to be the last person on earth?” or “what will our future world and lives look like?” We cannot wait to add to these interests by creating our own time capsule boxes continuing to unearth history or artifacts during large group time and to create our futuristic predictions.

Easter is fast approaching and are we ever excited for the Easter Bunny to spark a great hunt for surprises as we discover signs of Spring.

Just a reminder Story Book ELC will be closed Friday April 2nd and Monday April 5th for Easter. Wishing all our families an Easter full of hope and lots of sunshine.