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School Age Room #1

The unpredictable weather that we’ve been experiencing has led to many conversations about the four seasons and some expected traits (typical weather) that go along with each.  During large group time, we have all concluded that only in Canada (our area, especially), can you experience all four seasons in just ONE week!  High winds, cold/driving rain, blowing snow, sunshine and weather so warm that you can remove your coats while outside.

However, Spring seems to have FINALLY arrived, and we are thoroughly enjoying all the opportunities for outdoor play that the warm weather has provided.  We’ve been able to break in the new skipping ropes, sidewalk chalk and soccer balls!

With all this talk about the outdoors, we’ve also had a discussion about Earth Day.  Our crew came up with all kinds of ideas that will help to keep Earth a healthy and happy place to live.  Spending more time playing outdoors, assisting with garbage clean up (at school, parks and beaches) and planting gardens to grow their own food, were just a few of the many ideas shared.

Naturally, the need to reduce, reuse, and recycle, has come to light.  In addition to our usual recycling habits, we’ll be practicing the three “R”’s with our own classroom project, very soon!  As our favourite worn out and well used UNO cards have begun to fall apart, new “replacement” decks will be introduced.  To cut back on garbage, we’ll be putting the old cards to use, creating amazing new pieces of art (reuse and recycle) to be displayed in our classroom!  Those bright and colourful cards are sure to transform into some eye-catching creations for all to enjoy.  A special tribute; . . . “ODE to the UNO cards”!

Another interest that has peaked, amongst our students lately . . . potato bugs and worms!  We’ll be adding some research and science activities to our small group tables, to expand on the fascination of these little creatures that are popping up on our playground!


School Age Room # 2

“When I was born, I was given a ball, the ball was green and blue. My mom said, share and take good care it belongs to others too. Keep it clean, keep the green parts green, try to make the blue parts bluer. If you love this ball it will never grow old, in fact in may grow newer. So, I did all that and did some more, because I love this ball a lot, and I hope that you will love it too…it’s the only ball we’ve got!”

Good bye April, hello May! Gone is the winter blues, here comes the sun.

This month, the children have expressed much concern for making the world a better place. We have had many group discussions and small group activities that have focused on promoting positivity and creating ideas/solutions that can benefit others in various ways. We hope to continue with this topic by exploring eco-friendly habits, everyday heroes and positive news around the world.

In contrast, during outdoor play the children have been creating their own songs and dances and preforming them for one another. Together we have decided that music would be a great addition to our free exploration and activities while we play outside so we plan to enjoy music with the use of a speaker to promote music and movement outdoors.

In addition, we have been playing and watching brain games. These activities are so much fun and they challenge our brains. During this time, we become amazed by illusions, brain teasers, puzzles and riddles that teach us different ways of thinking.


Please take the time to complete the re-registration forms sent home to ensure your spot for September. This will help us with our class plans for 2018-2019.

A special Happy Mother’s Day wish to all our amazing Mom’s and Grandmother’s out there. Enjoy your special day.

Just a reminder that we will be closed Monday May 21st for Victoria Day. Enjoy your long weekend.