School Age News

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“Although I am not their parent, I care for them each day. I cuddle, sing, and read to them and watch them as they play. I see each new accomplishment and help them grow and learn. They come to me for comfort, I soothe away their tear. They proudly show their work to me. I give the loudest cheers. No, I am not their parent, but my role is just as strong I know some day the time will come, when we may have to part, but I know each child I have cared for, is forever in my heart.”

~Author unknown

February is the month of love and we sure do love all our latchkey friends and families. This month we want to encourage our students to appreciate themselves. In addition to loving others, we also want to teach the children the importance of loving themselves.

We recently have started back up our “Wonders’ Brainstorm”. Some common wonders amongst our school-age group are why spiderwebs are so strong, how are things invented/created, and how many species of animals there are in our world. We cannot wait to answer these questions and explore all these wonders!

Reminder: Please wear red and pink on Monday, February 14th  to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Also, we will be closed Monday, February 21st for Family Day.