Kindergarten News

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Here in the Kindergarten room, we are hoping that the Spring-like weather is finally here to stay!  We don’t mind the rain so much as we know that “April showers

bring May flowers”. Our JK/SK crew proved once again that their little bodies contain such BIG hearts! In just 2.5 afternoons, they decorated (with crayons and stickers) over 120 large Easter eggs

for the residents at Iler Lodge here in Essex. We hope that our creations made them smile and helped bring a little cheer to their Easter celebrations! Some exciting things are happening this month, and the Kindergarten friends are all on board for lots of fun and learning! According to our calendar, April 3rd  is “Don’t Go to Work Unless It’s Fun” Day, and fun for the teachers, means . . . fun for our Kindergarten group! We’re looking forward to an afternoon of Freeze Dance, music, jokes, and games! As most know by now, the solar eclipse is happening on Monday, April 8th, and we’ll be starting our latchkey program a little earlier that afternoon (to ensure the

safety of all our students). Leading up to this rare event, we’ll be taking a look at our solar system and recapping some of the fascinating things that we learned during our summer studies, and yes, that certainly means that

we’ll be playing our favourite song . . . “There are eight planets in our solar system . . . “. Several of our Kindergarten students will remember the day (or two) that a real live bat decided to visit their classroom. What better way to celebrate “Bat Appreciation Day”, than to relive that time through stories, fun facts, and dramatic play. April 18th  is “National Animal Cracker” Day. Perhaps we’ll see if Mr. Ian (Story Book’s amazing chef), can hook us up with a special treat that day! As always, in the month of April (the 22nd to be exact), we celebrate Earth Day! We’ll be talking a lot about the three R’s (reduce, reuse, & recycle) and learning how to make our planet a

healthier/happier place to live.