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KINDERGARTEN NEWS                                                                                                                                March 2019

            The groundhog predicted an early spring . . . and we are patiently waiting!  We’ve learned all about Groundhog’s Day, read books about his visit to the doctors, and the time that he ran away, roleplayed the two different scenerios (seeing his shadow, or not seeing his shadow), and even did a poll leading up to the big day.  We are happy to report that most of our crew agreed with the groundhog!  It seems that we are all ready to say goodbye to the snow & cold weather.

            For the past few weeks, we have concentrated, quite a bit on acknowledging the feelings of others, as well as those of our own.  We have created two new games, which have quickly become the “most requested” in our classroom. The “Emojis” are cards, each with a different feeling displayed on the front.  The kindergarten crew take turns trying to guess which card is showing, based on the expression of their friends’ faces (our very own version of “Headbanz”).                                                         

            Our large white envelope is full of hearts, each with a question, or a simple action.  As the children choose a heart, they get to answer questions about the kind things that they’ve done, do something that makes their friends smile, or “floss” with their friends!                                                                                                    Both of these games create lots of participation and giggles during our circle time!

            Perhaps, you’ve had the opportunity to see our Kindergarten bulletin board display.  Mounted, is a very large, heart-shaped puzzle.  Each puzzle piece is adorned with the photo of the student that decorated it.  In kindergarten, we believe that . . . individually, we can have happy hearts, but when we’re altogether, our hearts are full!

            As we enter into the new month, the question arises . . . will March come in like a lion, or a lamb.  Should we be expecting windy, miserable weather conditions, or will we be surprised with calm, sunny days?  Stay tuned, and we’ll let you know what we observe!

            Looking ahead, if your child(ren) will require care between March 11 – 15th, (this year’s March Break), please sign up on the sheet provided in our classroom.  Thank you!

            Just a reminder that Friday, March 22nd is a P.D. day. Please let us know of your childcare needs.