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Kindergarten Room

January 2018


We hope that everyone had a safe and happy holiday and we welcome you back to a new and exciting year.

Last month we discussed everything to do with Christmas! The children worked hard and diligently at creating beautiful holiday art to decorate their home. The children loved coming in each day to see what our elf on the shelf, named Jewels, was up to. The children got a huge kick out of seeing him taking a bubble bath in pom poms, riding a dinosaur, zip lining using a string and a few candy canes, as well as helping us build Christmas trees out of legos.

Activities we also did for the Christmas season were using ironing beads to create ornaments, which took good fine motor skills and a lot of patience. We decorated Christmas trees, designed hats and mittens and enjoyed singing the many Christmas songs that we learned, such as Feliz Navidad thanks to Ms. Aida. We added a few new toys to our cart, new group games such as Paw Patrol matching and a Pete the Cat counting buttons game. The children do well turn-taking and congratulating the winner of these games.

For the month of January our focus is on winter. Playing with snow outdoors and learning about the climate changes for the winter months are just a few of the activities we will tackle in January.

Due to the snow the children are obviously now wearing boots to school. Please remember your child needs shoes or slippers to wear at latchkey.

Please note that Friday, January 19th is a P.D. day. Please let staff know of your child care needs.