Infant Room

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The infants have been enjoying different types of activities. White is the colour of winter in most regions, so we allowed the babies to explore white items to introduce them to a world of snow and winter. We provided the babies with Ziploc bags filled with shaving cream and lotion. We encouraged the babies to feel the bags. We talked to them about the different sensations they felt. The “creamy shaving cream” and “the gooey lotion.” When they were done, we put the bags in the freezer to take out at another time, this time focusing on how they felt cold on their hands.

          We also have been getting out for our stroller walks as much as possible. We are looking forward to the warmer spring like temperatures.

          Just a reminder that March Break is from Monday, March 16th to Friday, March 20th. Please let the staff know if your child will not be attending.