Infant Room

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July is going to be so exciting.😁  We are finally all moved into our new school and settling in more and more each day.  It was fun to see our babies faces as they came into school that very first day.  They were quick to explore each new toy and every little area.  The highlights of our new room have been the giant windows, the new bin of telephones, the Duplo blocks, and cars, and of course the wonderful ball pit that never gets old. From our windows, the babies can see the cars with the children coming and going and the big Hydro trucks working.  We have also noticed the trees, the sun, the rain, and wonderful bugs.🐜

Another amazing part of our new school is our yard! The babies can get out each day and explore just like the big kids. They are not so sure about the slide yet but absolutely love the big hill, the wooden bridge, and the wooden house! We are looking forward to so many fun moments out there together.

We are still going for walks too. We are exploring new routes and are having fun seeing where the sidewalks lead.😊 All our new adventures are so exciting, and we are looking forward to this much deserved new start.

A reminder that we are closed on Monday August 2nd for the Civic holiday. We would also ask that you let us know about any vacation or changes to your child’s summer schedule as soon as you can. This helps us in planning for staffing needs.