School Age Rooms 1 & 2

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School Age #1

          “Why shouldn’t you tell an Easter egg a good joke? …it might crack up!”

          Spring has sprung and sunny days have begun! This month we are excited to explore signs of spring and are eager to enjoy nature. We cannot wait to see blue skies, play in the green grass, chase butterflies, watch plants bloom and grow, play in the rain and feel the sun on our skin.

          In addition to enjoying the great outdoors, we are currently enticed by the magic and the tricks behind it all, as well as playing practical jokes, while we approach April Fool’s Day.

          Of course, we can’t forget to mention our anticipation for the Easter Bunny to arrive with goodies for us to find! This has led to much enthusiasm for I-spy games, nature and scavenger hunts.

School-Age #2

          Last month we were very lucky to welcome Spring and with that came more outdoor time. We have been enjoying many afternoons full of games and activities. We enjoyed a full week here during March break, playing and learning. We also spent some time talking about leprechauns and St. Patrick’s Day

          This month the School age #2 room will be creating lots of crafts for Easter and Spring. We will participate in many creations from Easter eggs to Spring pictures. We will be sharing our plans for Easter and how/what we will be doing to celebrate with our families. We are looking forward to an Easter Egg hunt surprise.

          April 22nd is Earth Day and we will be thinking of ways in which we can help our environment. We will be taking a walk around the school yard to pick up litter and think of ways we can keep the community clean. We will also be learning about the affects of global warming on our Earth and what we can do to help prevent more damage from happening.

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