Preschool Room #2 News

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Preschool Room #2

          Happy New Year everyone! We are looking forward to another year of playing and learning.

          In December the children showed cooperation, working on projects and building with each other with the same intention. The teachers also noticed that the children were focusing more on detail in their work and using creative thinking in their play. This maturity is another step toward kindergarten readiness.

          The teachers continue to observe the children at play, looking for interests to expand on. We will be working on letter recognition and fine motor skills as well as counting and language skills.

Tell me and I forget.

Teach me and I remember.

Involve me and I learn.

          Thank you so much to all our families who helped contribute can goods and toys to the Salvation Army. Our staff also raised $650.00 by donating money to wear jeans on Fridays.

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