Preschool Room #2

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Preschool #2

          The children had an interest in the world map and traveling to other places, so we decided to introduce them to different cultures and talk about diversity.

          The children used a variety of interesting materials to build a house for their families. Some were given a lot of materials and others were given a little. Some houses were big, while others were small, depending on what you had to build with.

          We also performed the M&M experiment. These yummy candies are all different colours, but when we took a bite, they are all the same inside. Just like people, we look different, but we are the same inside.

          Dramatic play was transformed into a Luau. The children wore grass skirts and leis and danced the hula. Tropical drinks and barbequed fish were sold at the Tiki Hut.

          The children learned a new song and we joined hands to make a train.

Round and round we go,

Children of the world.

Round and round we go,

Children of the world.

Children of the world,

Love and play and learn.

We have different skin and names,

But inside we’re all the same.

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