Kindergarten News

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 Kindergarten News

            March passed by us, in a flurry of activity! We tracked the weather, each day to determine if the myth behind the “lion and the lamb “was really true…. we believe that it was! We spent our March break here at the school pursuing all things green and Irish. Our Kindergarten crew learned all about shamrocks, the luck of the four-leaf clover and the history behind the infamous leprechauns. We did artwork, read stories, looked for rainbows, searched for gold and dressed up like leprechauns (to fool the school-agers next door). Although we were not able to catch an actual leprechaun in one of our traps, all the clues that we found outside lead us to believe that these sneaky little elves were certainly in and around our school.

            On March 21st, we rocked our socks for World Down Syndrome Day. As a group we discussed the traits that make each of us different and decided to celebrate these differences. There was so much excitement leading up to this special day, that each and every one of our Kindergarten friends participated by wearing their brightly coloured and mismatched socks to school!

            It doesn’t look as though things will slow down in the Kindergarten room, any time soon! With April Fool’s Day approaching we’ll be reading all about some funny things that have happened and discuss our ideas for harmless ways to “trick” family members and friends.

            We’ve been keeping a lookout for signs of Spring, especially during our outdoor play. Easter excitement will surely happen as the month moves ahead. We’ll be following bunny tracks throughout the school to see what the Easter Bunny may be up to. Our creative sides will transpire into some fabulously decorated eggs, Easter bonnets (to wear during our parade) and decorations for our bulletin board.

            Finally, we plan to celebrate the planet that we live on, as Earth day is just around the corner! The kindergarten crew has already learned all about our planet, during circle time and our studies of the solar system. However, we’ll look more closely at the things that make our planet special and ways to take care of it to brighten our futures here on Earth.

            Just a reminder, that we will be closed Friday April 19th and Monday April 22nd for the Easter holiday. Enjoy the long weekend.

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