Toddler Rooms

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Toddler #1

       Summer is over already. Although it is sad to see summer come to an end, it is nice to welcome everyone back from their vacations. We hope that you and your little ones had a lovely summer filled with fun summer adventures. This year the staff in Toddler Room #1 will be Miss Amanda, Mrs. Bonnie and Mrs. Melissa.

       Last month the children in our room showed an interest in farm animals, tractors and construction vehicles. The children enjoyed various fun activities based on these interests. Some of their favourite activities were painting with tractors, pretending to milk a cow, and using construction vehicles to scoop, fill and dump corn in the interest table. 

Toddler Room #2

        As the summer sadly comes to an end, so does our summer activities. We have had lots of fun discussing and learning about summer such as the beach, camping and swimming.

        Recently, some of the children were very interested in a bird they saw outside. They watched it for quite a while, describing what they saw it do. They discussed it hopping, eating, and flying. One of the children asked, “Where is the nest?” Based on this observation, we have brought a toy bird into the classroom. The children have been excited to see where it will be perched each day. We will be expanding on this interest through small and large groups as well as adding material and toys to the carpet and table centers.