Toddler Rooms # 1&2

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Toddler Room #1

            Over the past couple of weeks our toddlers have shown an interest in bugs, signs of Spring and Easter. We have enhanced their learning through our circles, small groups and outdoor experiences.

            The children noticed some ants crawling around while outside. They watched them and followed them around the playground. We decided to take their interest further and introduce more bugs and insects to them. We created a big sensory bin where the children were able to look for different types of bugs in the leaves and sand. We provided them with jumbo tweezers to pick up the bugs. Using the tweezers also allowed them to practice their fine motor skills. The children really enjoyed this activity. Many of the toddlers would find a bug, pick it up, and ask “what’s this?”. By the end of their play many of them were able to identify most of the bugs in our sensory bin.

            Sings of Spring have been all around, and the children have been noticing them. They have shown interest in the rain, bugs, the temperature, flowers, and birds. During our circles we have learned many new songs about Spring and played many games that have focused on the signs they have noticed. They had a lot of fun during art, making butterflies, ladybugs, bird’s nests, umbrellas and that’s just to name a few! The toddlers often look at the art hung around the room and try to identify which one is theirs. Be sure to take a peek!

            Easter was such a fun time for our children in Toddler One. We loved going on an Easter egg hunt, visiting with the Easter bunny, and dying our Easter eggs. We really hope you enjoyed all the beautiful works of art that went home.

            Over the next couple of weeks, we will begin to explore baby animals, which has been a developing interest in our room. By taking the lead of the children we will incorporate their emerging interests into our whole classroom, giving them ample amounts of opportunity to learn and develops through play, creative art and outdoor activities. 

            *Reminder we are closed May 20th for the Victoria Day holiday. We hope you all enjoy your long weekend!

Toddler Room #2

          Here in Toddler Room #2, the children have been very busy watching the signs of spring come to life. Some children have been looking at the large tree outside our window, interested and noting the changes in the buds. Based on this observation, we will be making buds for our tree branch inside and replacing them with leaves when the tree outside does too.

          While playing outside recently, one of the children collected small twigs and placed them in a pile. Others joined in collecting them and then they pretended it was a campfire. This inspired us to change our dramatic play into a camp site. We are excited to see how the children will use their imagination and materials in this new centre.

          Just a reminder, we are closed Monday, May 20th for Victoria Day. We hope you enjoy it with your families.