Toddler Room News

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Toddler Room #1

            Mother’s Day was such a fun time for our toddlers. We learned many new circle time songs about how wonderful our mothers are, and they participated in many beautiful crafts. We hope you liked their handprints as well as their cute little footprints. They loved having both painted because “it tickled”.

            Last month our toddlers participated in making beautiful Mother’s Day crafts, had explored different safari/zoo animals, and experienced different sensory activities.

            Our toddlers have a love for all animals, but over the past couple weeks they have shown a large interest in our safari/zoo animals. To further explore their interests, we have introduced new safari and zoo animals, learned many new animal songs, read really interesting animal books, as well as experiencing animal art activities! Our toddlers can now identify more than just house pets and farm animals. We are thoroughly impressed.

            During an art activity this past month, the children painted with bubble wrap. The children enjoyed feeling it and trying to pop the bubbles while painting. Once the painting activity was completed the teachers decided to cover the table in the bubble wrap to see what would happen. The children absolutely loved popping the bubbles, shouting “pop” each time one made a noise. Some children pushed really hard on the bubbles causing them to pop whereas other children scrunched the bubble wrap up in their hands causing them to pop. Either way they laughed and smiled when they heard the sound.

            We decided to carry on their sensory exploration by creating a sticky wall with mac tac. We provided the children with feathers, sticks, and foam shapes to try and stick to the wall. They LOVED it! Many of the children felt the mac tac and said, “it sticky” and several also tried sticking items to the wall and pulling them back off. This activity has opened a huge door to more amazing sensory activities that we tend to explore!

            The weather has been a mystery over the month of May. Layers of clothing are good, so that it is easy to remove when it warms up. Also, a hat to protect them from the sun is a good idea.  Story Book E.L.C. supplies a 30 SPF Croc Bloc brand of sunscreen. We will be applying sunscreen to the children everyday before we go outside, unless you instruct us differently.

          We wish all our fathers and grandfathers a happy Father’s Day on June 16th.

          Reminder, we will be closed for Canada Day on Monday, July 1st. Enjoy your long weekend!

*Reminder to please inform us of your child’s summer schedule and any vacation time!

Toddler Room #2

          Well, our campsite is a huge success! The children have enjoyed playing in the tent, pretending to cook on the BBQ, as well as roasting marshmallows by the campfire. Following their interest, we have added stars to the walls so the children can “sleep” in the tent at night. We have also explored “night time camping sounds.” We are excited to soon be adding fishing activities to their pretend play in this center.

          The weather is finally getting warmer. Story Book E.L.C. provides a 30 SPF Croc Bloc brand of sunscreen. It is applied daily, unless you instruct us differently.

          With the warmer weather comes new outdoor clothing. Please check your child’s hanger bag to switch out clothing, making sure all new clothing and hats are labelled.

          We wish all our fathers and grandfathers a happy Father’s Day on June 16th.

          Reminder, we will be closed for Canada Day on Monday, July 1st. Enjoy your long weekend!