Toddler Room News

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Toddler Room #1 News

August is here and our toddler room has been busy with some emerging interests as well as reoccurring ones.

This past month we took a dive into the ocean and explored ocean animals and creatures. The children really loved our interactive magnetic ocean board. They identified the animals and moved them around our beautiful underwater habitat. We also incorporated ocean activities into our daily circles as well as creative art.

An emerging interest has been dinosaurs. We have noticed children starting to build “Dino’s” with the blocks and making dinosaur sounds “rawer”. We added some dinosaur figures into the block area which has enhanced their pretend play. We will continue to elaborate on this interest to see where it might take us next!

While outside in the warm weather we take advantage of using the shaded areas and the outdoor water table to cool off! The children love splashing around and using the watering cans to care for our potted plants.


Toddler Room News #2

The toddlers have been very busy exploring new interests. We spent some time learning about ramps and rolling. This interest emerged when some of the children built their own ramps out of the blocks. We explored this interest by experimenting with ramps, slides, and riding toys.

We have also been discussing sea creatures recently. The children have been enjoying learning about our underwater friends and how they live.

Just a reminder we are closed Monday, August 3rd for the Labour Day. Have a great long weekend.