Toddler News

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Toddler Room #1

June has come and gone so quickly!  The toddler room has been very busy with new interests emerging everyday.  Due to our love of big trucks, we began to explore different types of transportation.  This lead us into a deeper interest in fire trucks particularly.  We decided to extend this by creating a fire station in our room!  The children have enjoyed wearing the fire coats and hats, riding on the fire trucks and pretending to put out the fires. This interest continued through circle times and artwork.

The toddlers have also continued with their interests in building with all sorts of materials and with their curiosity in insects of all kinds!! We continue to support these interests by putting out new building opportunities and learning about the different insects every chance we get.


Toddler Room #2

We are so happy that we have been having such wonderful weather and we have been loving our outdoor time. We have been keeping cool with waterplay and have been enjoying the sandbox. These activities are great ways to support the toddlers filling and dumping skills.

It has been such a busy month with many different interests. The children learned about dinosaurs, farm animals and transportation were some of their favorites. Please take the time to look through our book and pictures on the desk outside the classroom, you will see some of the activities we do.


Just a reminder that we are closed August 6th for the Civic Holiday.  Have a wonderful holiday!