Toddler Room 1&2 News

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Toddler Room #1

It’s hard to believe the Christmas break has come to an end and we are heading into 2022. We had such a fun filled December with lots of wonderful memories. Thank you for all the wonderful gifts, luncheons, and cards with your sweet words. We are excited to see all the children again and to see what the New Year brings.

This month we will be learning about the winter season and winter animals. The children will discover animals that are unique to winter such as penguins and polar bears.

With the cold weather please remember to dress the children to play outside and again label all their belongings.

A fun song to sing is sung to the tune of “The Wheels on the Bus”:
The mittens on my hands
Keep me warm
Keep me warm
Keep me warm
The mittens on my hands
Keep me warm
All winter long
Continue with boots, coat, etc.

Toddler Room #2

Welcome back! We hope you all enjoyed a wonderful holiday with your loved ones. We are all rested up and look forward to seeing all our little friends again.

December was such a fun month. The toddlers learned a lot about Christmas. We look forward to all of their stories and excitement.

We thank you so much for the lovely luncheons, cards, and gifts. We appreciated each and everyone of them.

With winter here and much colder weather in our future we will continue to encourage self help skills while getting our outdoor gear on. We also appreciate all of the labelled appropriate outdoor attire.

This month we will also have fun with winter curriculum, polar bears, penguins, snowflakes, and so much more.