Toddler Room #1 & # 2 News

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Toddler Room #1

The toddlers have had an exciting month as we read books and discussed all the fun things that go along with Halloween. We painted pumpkins, read Halloween stories, and looked at a variety of Halloween costumes. Thank you for participating in our orange and black day.

We have also been talking about fall and the weather changes fall brings.  We go outdoors in both the morning and afternoon, so please send a warm coat, hat, mittens, and boots labelled with your child’s name. This helps us so your child’s belongings do not get misplaced. We are working on promoting their self-help skills and are encouraging the children to try to put their own hats and mittens on.

The teachers in the classroom are Mrs. Vicky, Mrs. Denise, and Ms. Kennin.


Toddler Room #2

What a fun month October was! Leaves changing colours, owls, squirrels, apples and of course Halloween were hot topics with the toddlers. The Itsy-Bitsy pumpkin, 5 monsters jumping on the bed and yelling BOO! during circle time were among their favourites. We also continued counting from 1-10 and playing games that encouraged colour recognition.

November is here and we are starting to talk about Dinosaurs. Playing with the large dinosaurs during free play and the playdoh shapes have been extremely popular. Learning about different types of dinosaurs and pretending to be them at circle has brought lots of smiles. We cannot wait to see where this topic leads us next.

Although we have had some warmer weather again, cold weather is sure to follow. Please send your child with weather appropriate clothing, (hats, mittens, and boots); we are outside 2x per day. Please remember to label your child’s articles of clothing. Thank you.