Toddler Room #1 & #2 News

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Toddler Room #1

We blinked and July is over. It was a great month in Toddler #1.

We enjoy hearing all the stories about camping, swimming, staying home with Mom’s, Dad’s, and grandparents. Going to the zoo, parks, watching parades etc. It is so much fun listening to the older toddlers try to share what they have been up to while away.

We spent a lot of our time talking about the beach, ocean, and ocean animals. We also spent more time learning about shapes and colours. We are now learning all about zoo animals.

As you all know, outside time is a favourite for most of the toddlers. The sand box and water table play has added to their excitement. We love these beautiful sun shiny days.

Reminder: We are closed Monday, August 7th  for the Civic Holiday.

Wishing everyone safe and happy holiday.

We are also closed Monday, September 4th  for Labour Day.


Toddler Room #2

Time flies when you’re having fun. We can hardly believe summer is almost over.  We have loved hearing all about the vacations you have been on and enjoying the warm weather. One day while outside we were super lucky and got to watch the construction workers remove the school’s playground equipment. The toddlers were extremely interested in watching the process and learning about the different machines, equipment, and tools that were needed for the job.

Other classroom interests began during the week of the Fun Fest. The children were excited to share their experiences of the different rides they went on and games they played. This encouraged two weeks worth of carnival themed art activities, games and play scene for dolls including a ferris wheel, roller coaster, and merry go round. A crowd favourite seemed to be bowling, jumping through hoops, and watching a short clip of different animals doing tricks. We have also been working on learning our colours. Some of our friends have become very talented at matching the same coloured items and identifying colours during our different matching games at circle. A new interest that has started that we will be discussing is dinosaurs. A few of the children have begun pretending to be dinosaurs stomping and roaring around the carpet. We have many fun new activities to support this new observation.

As we move into August, we have been welcoming many new friends into the toddler room and forming new connections. We have also begun wishing luck to a few students that have or will be moving up soon to the preschool room. We hope you enjoy your last bit of summer and soak up the sun while it lasts!

Reminder: Storybook will be closed Monday, August 7th for the Civic Holiday and Monday, September 4th Labour Day.