Toddler Room #1 & #2 News

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Toddler Room #1 News

It’s hard to believe it’s May already. The toddlers have been learning all about Spring. Weather patterns, trees, plants, birds, and bugs are just some of the things we have talked about. We are looking forward to warmer weather as the toddlers just love our outside time. This month we will continue with the topic of Spring as well as talking about our Moms

We would like to wish all our Moms and Grandmothers a very Happy Mother’s Day. Enjoy your day!

A reminder that we are closed Monday May 22nd  for the Victoria Day holiday.

Some songs that the Toddlers have been singing are:

“Rain, rain go away” and “Mr. Golden Sun”.


Toddler Room #2 News

The toddlers started the month of April learning about Easter. This interest began after a few of our friends saw the Easter Bunny at the Early On Centre. We celebrated Easter in the classroom by engaging in fun group activities such as: egg hunts, a sensory bin of Easter grass in which they could find bunnies, carrots, and eggs, as well as making many Easter themed crafts.

The story ‘Going on a Bear Hunt’ has been a favourite in our classroom for some time now. We expanded on this topic through learning about forest animals and discussing camping and other fun outdoor activities. We also introduced a camping dramatic play centre, complete with a tent and bonfire. The children loved playing with the animal puppets, especially the bear! Exploring the tent, building a fire, and roasting marshmallows were also popular activities.

As we head into May we look forward to the warmer weather and all the fun that comes with Spring. The toddlers have been keeping watch out the window for birds. Outside we have spent lots of time searching for birds in the sky and looking for bugs on the ground. Based on this interest we will be discussing all things Spring.

We would also like to wish all Mothers a very happy Mother’s Day!

Reminder: We will be closed Monday, May 22nd for Victoria Day. We hope you enjoy your long weekend!