School Age Rooms 1&2

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School-Age #1

It’s time to celebrate May! May is one of the most gorgeous months of the year. All winter long we’ve been hibernating from the cold and waiting for the sun to come out from behind the clouds. The bees are buzzing, the flowers are blooming, and the birds are chirping, HELLO SPRING!

          This month be on the lookout for our I-SPY bulletin board. We are excited to create a display of beautiful things for onlookers to observe and enjoy.

          With that said, “the most wasted of all days is one without laughter” (Chamfort, N.). Last month we had been incorporating humour into our daily routines, learning how to communicate non-verbally, as well as recognizing and understanding emotions by playing a game of ‘memes.’ The kids love these ‘memes’ in addition to exercising their brains while playing memory games. To improve our focus and train our visual memory we adore playing games such as: ‘guess who’s hiding,’ ’10 disappear,’ and ‘what’s missing?’


School-Age #2

          School-age #2 enjoyed creating bunnies for our Easter craft and making eggs. We talked about some of our Easter traditions and things that we do with our families at Easter time. The children enjoyed making crafts and sharing their ideas with the class.

          In May, School-age #2 will be making a special Mother’s Day craft for the special “mother” figure in their lives.

          We will also be talking about Cinco de Mayo and discussing special Mexican treats and what toppings we like to put on our tacos.

          We will continue to make Spring-like crafts and welcome the warm weather. We hope to get some more time outside as the weather improves and to go on the playground equipment and swing sets. We will continue our learning outside the classroom.

          Just a reminder, we are closed Monday, May 20th for Victoria Day. We hope you enjoy it with your families.