School Age Rooms #1 & #2 News

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School Age #1

“How do you spell ‘love’?” – Piglet

“You don’t spell it, you feel it.” – Pooh

            Hello February! This month we are making sure to leave footprints of love and kindness wherever we go. We are learning what it means to be kind, to choose love over hate, see light within the darkness and have compassion over judgement.

            In January we invested our time and energy into some super cool projects. Together we designed blueprints, maps, and underground tunnels that led to our homes and secret clubs. We used hieroglyphics to make passwords, made rules and guidelines to follow, listed members as well as furniture and gadgets we would need in our hideouts. However, Miss Mandy had to remember “you can help us, but no adults allowed! Just us kids” (Mayce).

            Furthermore, this month we plan to continue with a recent interest in conducting questionnaires and surveys and displaying our findings in graphs and tallies; in order to visualize all our individual differences, likes and dislikes.

School Age #2

            This month in School Age #2 we have spent as much of our time as possible outdoors and in the gym trying out a variety of group games to encourage teamwork and cooperation. Indoors, we have spent most of our large group time on discussions using conversation starter cards. 

            Instead of lengthy carpet activities we have created smaller group provocations throughout the classroom that the children can freely explore and choose based on their interests. Our LEGO stem challenge centres and creating car mats with banner paper have been the most intriguing activities. The children were also given the opportunity to experiment mixing ingredients provided to create their own slime like substance.

            Next month we look forward to creating new and exciting provocations to keep the children interested and provoked after school. We have also introduced wonders, a weekly discussion topic. The children will be able to share their deepest wonders and then we will research and explore them. We are looking forward to celebrating Valentine’s Day with crafts and activities that show appreciation for those we love. 

            We will also be having a pink, red, and white day to celebrate Valentine’s Day on Friday, February 14th.

            Please be advised there is a P.D day on February 14th. Please let staff know of your childcare needs for that day.

            Just a reminder that Story Book will be closed Monday February 17th for Family Day.