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Oh, what a “summer” it has been. We are so excited to finally be able to welcome back our families to latchkey. As we have returned, we have shared many stories about the summer. Even though this summer has had its negatives we have focused on the positives; spending extra time outdoors, spending quality time with our families, and learning to appreciate the small things in life. Our group has talked about how much we take for granted such as visiting friends and families, sharing a hug, attending social events, etc.

As we transition back into our program our staff are taking all necessary precautions to ensure the safety, health and well being of our students and families while maintaining a fun and exciting environment.

October is here and as our students are finally beginning to settle into school. We are all getting back into our routines at latchkey thus opening our minds for much inquiry and wonder. This year our students seem to have discovered their curricular and extra curricular likes and dislikes. They are showing interest in creative writing, constellations, legends, myths, testing our balancing skills,  magnetism, and we are engrossed in what our world is made up of, i.e.. “lines are everywhere!”

Reminder we will be closed Monday October 12th. We wish all our families a very happy Thanksgiving.

On Friday October 30th, please wear orange and black for Halloween.

Note: Due to Covid-19, we unfortunately will not be able to accept treats and/or items to be given out for Halloween. Thank you for your understanding