School Age News

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The great Albert Einstein once said, “play is the highest form of research”. This past month his words could not be truer in describing our classroom interests. Our school age students were diving into the world wide web, inquiring about hypnosis, spell casting and studying rocks.

To assist the children in their discoveries we were excited to introduce the idea of rock tumbling; collecting, cleaning and polishing rocks, to hopefully discover different types of gems and fossils. To build upon such interests we discussed the energies that can accompany certain types of stones as well.

In addition, we LOVE nature. Spring rolled in, along with a lot of rain, and our friends couldn’t help but save creatures that have emerged; moving worms from off the sidewalk and returning potato bugs and spiders to the great outdoors.

How fun it was to explore everything “bugs”. We invited the children to investigate and learn more about the creatures they saved with scientific tools and during our large group time.

We can’t wait till we are all back together again.