School Age News

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Our class has been busy spending our time outdoors. We have been so fortunate to take advantage of the beautiful and warm weather. Our class has been enjoying playing four square, skipping, drawing with chalk, and playing soccer.

We are still exploring our interests in various science and STEM experiments. Our class favourites were the salt and pepper challenge and the balloon race. Doing experiments as a class has brought us many laughs and we have learned that our hypothesis may not always be correct. We will continue with our interest in experiments and hopefully be able to take them outdoors.

An emerging interest in our class has been solving puzzles, brain teasers, and escape rooms. As a class we brainstormed and planned an amazing escape room in our very own classroom. The escape room was made up of different brain busters, secret messages, and challenges. We split into two teams and used our brain power and problem solving skills to solve the puzzles and challenges. This is an activity that we loved and hope to do again in the future.

As the weather is changing, we encourage you to dress your child in layers as we are outside in the morning and afternoon. Thank you.

Coming up:

-Re-registration forms will be handed out this month, please ensure to fill out all the required information and return it so we can ensure your child a spot for the following year.

-Story Book will be closed on Monday, May 20th for the holiday.