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Hello February!

January went by in a flash. They say that time flies by when you are having fun!

We spent the last few weeks of January exploring different types of weather, with all of the snow and cold weather we were curious about how and why certain weather events came to be.

Keeping in the science family the class has been curious about winter animals and hibernation. We have been exploring animal habitats, tracks, and lifestyles. We are focusing on animals that live in Canada and if they hibernate or migrate. We have learned a lot of interesting facts and we’re surprised how many animals migrated to other parts of the world during winter.

As always, we are trying to take advantage of every opportunity to move our learning and play outdoors. We ask that your child/children are sent with proper winter outerwear and a pair of indoor shoes. We try to keep our shared space clean and keep the winter weather mess outside.

Reminder: February 16th is a PD day, please let us know ASAP if your child/children need care that day. Story Book will also be closed on February 19th for family day.