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Welcome Fall!

We have spent most of September taking advantage of the beautiful weather and spending a lot of time outdoors. We have enjoyed getting to know new friends and  becoming reacquainted with friends we haven’t seen since last year. Our favourite things to do to get to know each other better have been “get to know me” games and all about me activities.

In September we were focused on kindness and inclusivity, we have read many books and created a classroom that is a positivity only zone by brain storming ideas and ways that we can lead with kindness everyday. A great way to get to know each other has been continuing with our sharing circle every Monday and Friday. It gives each student the opportunity to share positive things they are looking forward to or have done in the past week. It allows us to share in a judgement free zone.

We are very excited for all the amazing celebrations that October will bring. We are looking forward to creating fall art and continuing to incorporate the outdoors into our day.

October poem:

“October’s the month

When the smaller breeze

Gives us showers of autumn leaves

Bonfires and pumpkins all around

Leaves are sailing to the ground

October is red

Orange and golden brown.”