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Hello Spring!!

Our class has been busy spending our time outdoors and we have been so fortunate to take advantage of the beautiful warm weather. Our class has been enjoying playing four square, skipping, drawing with chalk, and riding the scooters.

We had a blast the week before Easter doing a whole weeks worth of  “minute to win it” challenges. It was Team Bunny vs. Team Chocolate. On the first day we split into two teams and had a blind fold challenge. The object of the game was to scoop as many eggs as you could onto your plate in 1 minute. The class thought it would be a piece of cake, but it ended up being a lot harder than we thought. Team chocolate pulled ahead and came out in the lead. On day two, our teams went head to head in an egg match extravaganza!

Each player had the opportunity to match as many egg tops to the bottoms as possible in one minute. We had a blast watching and participating as our teammates battled for the most points. But again, Team Chocolate came out on top and led us into day 3! Team Chocolate and Team Bunny were both eager to compete in the bunny ear ring toss. The game proved to be more challenging than we expected but team chocolate was in the lead again.

On the final day we gave it our all in the egg pouring challenge. In teams of four we had to close our eyes and pour a bucket over our heads to get all of eggs in the persons basket who was sitting behind us. The team with the most eggs in the last bucket would get the same number of points. In the end Team Chocolate came out on top and won the challenge! Team bunny gave it their all and came in a close second. We all enjoyed a celebratory treat for completing a week of fun.

Re-registration forms will be handed out this month, please ensure to fill out all the required information and return it so we can ensure your child a spot for the following year. Thank you!

We would also like to wish all Mothers a very Happy Mother’s Day!