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“Our greatest natural resource is the minds of our children”.

Goodbye to February; the month of love and lockdown. Might I say, since we   indeed had “no place to go we let it snow, let it snow, let it snow” and embraced all its chilly goodness. In our school-age room we loved reminiscing about our outdoor adventures; sledding, tobogganing, building snow creatures and forts. However, all of us cannot express enough excitement towards the longer day light hours that await this month, in addition to some well-deserved time out of our homes.

This March we are investigating ways to live off grid and learning how to meet basic human needs if stranded on a deserted island. This observation will be explored through a variety of creative writing activities, large group discussions and role play experiences.

Another interesting topic appealing to our group involves trickery. We are learning about the negative and positive effects pranks can have on others and looking at ways to carry out trickery that can benefit those around us; appreciation of surprises.

Lastly, we are fascinated by sonar and secret treasures hidden underground. We would like to pursue this interest by looking into what lies beneath us and who came before us. We cannot wait to talk about our ancestors and what the world looked like before we came to be.