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School Age Room #1

We celebrated Mother’s Day, by using colourful paint and our fingertips, to create a special keepsake for our Moms.  We hope that you loved your new bookmarks and are putting them to good use!

Father’s Day will soon be here, as well!  Keep an eye out for that special “something” that we’ll be creating for the important Dad’s and Grandpa’s in our life!

Recently, we discovered a bird’s nest that was hidden between a brick pillar & the fence, out on our playground.  We are thinking that the birds may have constructed the nest on a weekend, not realizing just how much activity takes place (on any given day) out there.  They seemed to have abandoned it, perhaps, for a safer place.  Meanwhile, the eggs, on Miss Kelly’s deck, have hatched.  She has been taking pictures each day, to share the progress of the baby robins’ development with us.  We were able to see how they shed their fuzzy layer and grew feathers, how the momma bird fed worms to the babies and how they learned to flap their wings.  It is amazing how the baby robins were ready to leave the nest in just 10 short days!  Several of our friends have found birds’ nests in their yards, too, and are eager to share similar stories with the class.

We have been talking a lot about “sportsmanship” and the importance of being kind to your fellow teammates, having patience, and playing for fun.  It’s NOT the score that always matters, but HOW you play the game.  During our outdoor play, soccer has always been an absolute favourite.  All the students are encouraged to take part and teams are created with a variety of experience on each team.  Some of our more seasoned players are giving advice, demonstrating different tactics, and cheering on their teammates.  Our newer players are getting right in there, kicking the ball and learning to score lots of goals!  It’s great to see so many friendships developing, confidence growing, and a game being thoroughly enjoyed by ALL!

We are LOVING this warmer weather and keeping very active.  We hope that you take some time out to enjoy it too!


School Age Room #2

“Art has the role in education of helping children become like themselves instead of more like everyone else.”

This month we are building on self-esteem by fostering individuality. We plan to encourage such a healthy self-esteem by providing our students with opportunities to express themselves in various ways. These ways may include; through abstract open-ended art, freedom of expression in small group settings, writing prompts and time to showcase hobbies and activities that they enjoy and talents that make them unique.

As a classroom team, we want to maintain a judgement free space where our students can choose to talk about and question anything that transpires in their school and or home life.

We are promoting the importance of “not worrying about what others think.” Be unique and embrace differences. After all, if we were all the same the world would be very boring.

We would like to wish all our Dad’s and Grandpa’s a Happy Father’s Day. Hope you enjoy your day.

Just a reminder Story Book E.L.C will be closed Monday July 2nd for Canada Day.