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Welcome fall! We have spent September taking advantage of the beautiful weather and spending a lot of time outdoors. We have enjoyed getting to know new friends and becoming reacquainted with friends we haven’t seen since June. Our favourite things to do to get to know each other better have been “get to know me” games and all about me activities. We are enjoying the magic tree house novels and finished “Pirates Past Noon.” The novel gave us a lot of great ideas and we spent our first PD day taking part in pirate activities, games, and art! A few class favourites were making your own treasure map and pirate charades.

In September we were focused on kindness and inclusivity. We have read many books and created a classroom that is a positivity only zone by brain storming ideas and ways that we can lead with kindness everyday. A great idea that one of our students came up with is at our circle, where we can share positive parts of our day, accomplishments, and important news with one another. It has given us the opportunity to get to know each other better and be supportive of the things that are important to each of us.

We are very excited for all of the amazing celebrations that October will bring and are looking forward to creating fall art and continuing to incorporate the outdoors into our day. We have a few new staff in our classroom who have become amazing additions. Miss. Kaylee is a recent graduate of the ECE program and brings a lot of amazing new ideas to our classroom. Miss. Delaney is another great addition to our room and is always up for a game of Uno or Break the Ice!

Just a reminder that we are closed on Monday October 10th for Thanksgiving.

October poem:

“October’s the month

When the smaller breeze

Gives us showers of autumn leaves

Bonfires and pumpkins all around

Leaves are sailing to the ground

October is red

Orange and golden brown.”