School Age News

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This month we decided to ask the children what they would like our July newsletter to be about. Rather than spoiling some of our upcoming surprises, we thought it would be a good change to discuss and list what we are most excited for this summer:

Lucas, “I am most excited to go swimming at the Essex pool and to swing on the rope into the pool.”

Delora, “ I’m excited to go camping, have a sleepover, campfire, and make yummy s’mores.”

Benjamin, “ I can’t wait to go on vacation for three days in a row and sleep in a hotel.”

Jared, “I get to spend summer break with my grandparents everyday.”

Ruby, “ I am excited to go somewhere on vacation. I don’t know where it is yet but I’m excited.”

Isla, “ In July it will be my birthday and I can’t wait for my birthday party!”

Isabelle, “ I’m excited for day camp for one whole week.”

Autumn, “ I get to go swimming in my friends’ pools.”

Skylar, “ I’m excited for daycare and to swim in my grandma’s pool!”

Emmett, “ I can’t wait for a long break from school.”

Elliott, “ I can’t wait for my friend to not have to use her crutches anymore so she can be able to run and play.”

Alexis, “ I want to watch my dad play ‘let’s go Evie” everyday.”

Ethyn, “ My grandma and grandpa have a new pool that I get to swim in!”

Ben, “ I can’t wait to go to Niagara Falls.”

Andrew, “ I am sad I can’t build a snowman in the summer.”

Riley, “ I can’t wait to watch my iPad, play Fortnite and Minecraft everyday.”

This summer we have many fun events, activities, and surprises planned for all that attend. We can’t wait to spend another break having lots of fun, making new friends, and    enjoying our full days together. Very soon we will be releasing a calendar to all our families to introduce our planned themes that we hope our students will enjoy.

Have a safe and happy summer!