School Age News

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“Far up in  the deep blue sky, great white clouds are floating by; all the world is dressed in green; many happy birds are seen, roses bright and sunshine clear, shows that lovely June is here” -F.G Saunders

June is here and so is the beautiful weather. Here in school-age we are loving all this time outdoors and we are spending it digging for crystals in addition to playing competitive sports and games.

While indoors, the children have managed to create their own ball games that can be easily and carefully played within the classroom. We are having so much fun!

In the classroom, we are very enticed by how to draw via step by step videos and have created such marvellous pictures. We hope to expand on this interest by providing how to draw books to our art cart for some new challenges.

This month we are excited to be in the home stretch towards summer break but are also saddened as we near the end of our time with some of our older latchkey friends. To our amazing friends that are moving on from our program, we will miss you.  Over the many many years, we have all developed such strong friendships and rapports with you and it will be very hard to  see you go.  We wish you the utmost best in your bright future ahead.

If your child requires care for our summer program, pleasure let us know as soon as possible.  We cannot wait to have so much needed summer fun after an amazing school year.

To our families who will not be joining us this summer, please be safe, find time to relax, and enjoy every minute of your time together.

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dad’s and Grandpa’s. We hope you enjoy your day.

Just a remind that we will be closed Friday July 1st for Canada Day. We hope you enjoy your day.


Mrs. Mandy and Mrs. Nancy