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School-Age #1 Newsletter

November 2018

“There’s joy and wonder everywhere when you see the world through the eyes of a child.” -Unknown

This month we are excited to hear from some of our latchkey friends as they discuss their favourite hobbies from October and plans for November.

Lucas, “In November I want to play with some building blocks that are harder to do. I really liked to colour lots in October and the Halloween stuff too!”. Mayce explained, “I want to play more with the real sticks this month… but Halloween is my favourite this time.” Furthermore, Kharington suggested, “to play with different games.” However, she enjoyed, “dancing lots on the carpet to crazy music.”

We are eager to see where the emergent curriculum will take us and hope to entice the children by starting a new novel series called, “The Guardians.”



School- Age #2 Newsletter

November 2018

Just like that it’s November! We can’t believe that October is already over. We would like to thank all the children that participated in our ‘colouring contest’ and a big congrats to the winner, Mackenzie B., for doing an awesome job! We hope you enjoyed your special treat!

The children have really enjoyed reading our chapter books. We have already read, “Captain Underpants” and now we have moved on to, “Diary of a Wimpy Kid. We also do ‘word of the day.’ The children have been doing a fantastic job at trying to say the words, spell the words and interpret what they mean. What a fun way to learn new words. Awesome work guys!

In November, we will be engaging the children’s interest with Winter related science experiments and crafts. The children have enjoyed drawing and colouring, so we hope to take those interests and add them to the curriculum.

With after school sports and activities arising, we want to remind parents to let us know if your child or children will be involved in these activities and will not be attending latchkey on a particular day.