School Age # 1 & #2

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School Age #1 News

“The best luck of all is the luck you make for yourself.”

                                                                                                -Douglas MacArthur

            Winds of March, we welcome you. There is work for you to do, work and play and blow all day, blow the winter cold away.

            This month we are marching forward and looking far into the future. We have many wonders about what the world will be like when we are all “old and grey.” Some questions we have pondered include, “Will things hover? Because, technology will be more advanced.”, “Will old people still need to wear dentures?”, and “Will the world end because humans are destroying it?” In response, we will plan to investigate all possibilities of what our future may hold.

            In addition, recently we have taken an interest in comparing the similarities and differences between Canada and the United States. With this observation, this month we plan to research our findings to really see how “different” our country is to the rest of the world. “How lucky are we to live in Canada?’

School Age #2 News

“A friend is like a four-leaf clover, hard to find and lucky to have.”

            This month we wish you a rainbow of happiness and good cheer. Here’s to wishing that your heart be full of love and your life be filled with good fortune. We are very excited to learn about the history of St. Patrick’s days through games, discussions, and educational videos. We will create STEM provocations and crafts that reflect St. Patrick’s Day as well as our emerging interests.

            Additionally, we would also like to take this opportunity to create activities and games to encourage the children to see their lives as fortunate and lucky. We hope these activities will help the children explore empathy, friendships, and gratitude. 

            This past month we have explored some of the children’s interesting wonders such as how the ocean waves are made, how ancient buildings were built, and how the Canadian government was formed. As a large group we have discussed these topics and watched videos online through the big screen! Throughout this month we will utilize our school iPads to explore the Wonderopolis website and research our wonders.

            If your children will require care between March 16th – 20th (this year’s March Break), please sign up on the sheet provided in our classroom.

            Looking ahead, Friday, March 28th, is a P.A. Day.  Please let us know of your childcare needs.  Thank you!