School-Age 1 & 2

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School Age #1 Newsletter

November 2019

                        “The nights are drawing in and the air is getting cold. The sunsets are changing from yellow to gold. The hedgehogs are preparing for their long winter’s sleep, whilst squirrels are busy searching for acorns to keep. The leaves are tumbling to the ground, with a riot of colour red, gold and brown! It’s time to think about jumpers and keeping warm toes, scarf and gloves at the ready for when the wind blows. Light a log fire so its flames burn bright, while you sip a hot chocolate on a cold autumn night. The season may be changing but we are always here.” –Allison Collier

            Last month we were obsessed with ghouls, ghosts, goblins, zombies, pumpkins, candy and creepy crawly creatures. We spent our time playing lots of organized group games, boogied to choreographed routines from Just Dance and loved acting out and creating scenes from out favourite action movies.

            Lately, the children are interested in a variety of topics which include road safety, inquiring about natural phenomenon’s and forms of precipitation, building our own costumes, creating technology and gadgets that transform into items of convenience and static electricity. This month we cannot wait to dive into science experiments where the kids can investigate their inquiries.

            We would like to remind everyone November 15th is a PD Day. Please let staff know of any childcare needs!

School Age #2 Newsletter

November 2019

          Welcome November! This past month the children spent a lot of time outside embracing the beautiful fall weather before it gets cold! Our School Age #2 students love playing soccer, walking the track, and creating track and field competitions.

          Indoors during large group, the children have been reading the novel “Goosebumps: The Haunted Mask”. Many of the children enjoy reading aloud and helping their peers read. In November we will be choosing another novel to read together and we will plan activities around the novel chosen.

          As a group we have created a “Fun Jar”. Each week the children will have an opportunity to pick a ‘ticket’ from the jar to decide what our day will entail. We hope to make the children’s after school experience fun and exciting.

          In November we will engage the children’s interests with more science experiments, sports and movement activities, as well as an open art center that will engage their individual expression and creativity.

          We would like to remind everyone November 15th is a PD Day. Please let staff know of any childcare needs!