Preschool Rooms #1 & #2

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Preschool Room #1

We got our first taste of snow and cold weather. Thank you to all our families for bringing their winter gear. We were able to get outside and have fun. The excitement from the children was contagious. They enjoyed being pulled and pulling each other in the sleds as well as shovelling and making snow castles with the sand pails. We also brought the snow inside and used the construction vehicles to dig and dump and move the snow around, with mittens on of course.

          This month we will be discussing winter, the holidays and different traditions that are celebrated. We will explore lots of sensory activities such as snow, ice, evergreen branches and pinecones just to name a few. Christmas themed activities will be discussed as well. We have heard lots of stories about Santa with the local parades underway.

          With the colder weather arriving, this is a great time to check that your child has spare clothes for accidents or spills. There is a good chance that they have outgrown what they have or that they are not weather appropriate.

          Parents, if you could please refrain from parking on the sidewalk, that leads to our entrance way. Leaving this space available for parents and children to enter the school would be much appreciated.

Preschool Room #2

November was an interesting month as the children got to experience a lot of wonderful snow which lead to toboggan rides outdoors, snow angles, bringing the snow inside for art, and reading some fun winter stories. We also talked about what we wear in the winter to keep us warm. With the snow, also came some early Christmas excitement! The children were talking about visiting with Santa and decorating their trees and houses. 

          This past month our children had really shown interest in helping to take care of sick animals in our dramatic play area which then lead to helping take care of sick people. The children learned some very robust words such as stethoscope and patient. They learned how to use a blood pressure cuff, an otoscope, bandages, and a thermometer. They took great care of the animals in the veterinary office as well as the teachers and students in their Dr.’s office. 

          We have also begun talking about hibernation after a child noticed our toad (outside pet) isn’t around anymore. We have started talking about animals that hibernate and ones that don’t, where they stay when they hibernate, and what animals do that are not hibernating and where they hide. We can’t wait to see where our discussion takes us as we dive deeper into this topic.

Just a reminder, Story Book E.L.C. will be OPEN on Mon, Dec. 23rd, 2019. We will be CLOSED from Dec. 24th – Jan. 1st (for the holidays). We will re-open on Thurs. Jan 2nd, 2020.  Please let the staff know of any changes to your child’s schedule.