Preschool Room#1

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Where did January go? We had a good month enjoying a lot of time outdoors. We did not get a lot of snow but enjoyed the little bits that we did get. The children  were able to shovel snow, make snow angels and make a few snow castles. Not enough snow to make a snowman yet but maybe it’s on its way. The children love to ride bikes and pull each other in the wagon, so the lack of snow hasn’t been noticed too much.

Valentine’s Day is usually a fun day for the children but unfortunately this year we won’t be able to pass out Valentines due to COVID 19 regulations. We look forward to talking about Valentine’s Day and how we can celebrate it, expressing love and friendship  for each other. Friday February 12th will be our day of celebration, so join us in wearing red, white or pink.

The grey lockdown has brought a few changes to our room as well.  Ms. Kennedy and Mrs. Melissa have joined Mrs. Steph and Mrs. Jenna. We look forward to Mrs. Darlene returning when the schools go back to in class learning.

Just a reminder: February 15th is Family Day, Story Book ELC will be closed this day, we hope you have a great time with your family.