Preschool Room # 3

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The children have settled nicely into their new classroom. We are focusing on getting the children “school ready” for September. Working on self-help skills when dressing for outside and trying to use the restroom independently will help transition the children for a seamless integration into school . We are also working hard on printing our names. The children print or trace their names on worksheets, paintings, and art work.

At the beginning of this month the children were interested in transportation. We talked about ways to travel on land, in the sea, and in the air. The children found it fascinating that we use transportation every day, including our two favourite ways to travel: walking and riding bikes in the school yard.

Our interest shifted into discussions about space ships which led us into talking all about our solar system. The children could remember so many fun facts about planets, stars, moons, and space travel. We talked a lot about planet Earth and how we need to take good care of it.

Moving forward into next month our focus will be on pirates. Letter recognition happens all day long in our classroom. The children have mentioned a few times when they see the letter “X” that it marks the spot where we can find buried treasure. We have a pirate small world planned for the children as well as map making and searching for hidden treasure in our classroom.

We participated in Hats on for Health Care last month and for a donation the children were able to wear a hat for the day. We were able to raise $230.00 to support Windsor Regional Hospital’s Mental Health program.

Reminder: Story Book ELC will be closed April 15th for Good Friday and April 18th for Easter Monday. Have a Happy Easter!