Preschool Room #3 News

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This month we had many new additions to our classroom. We started the month off with a new shipment of toys for our light table which is now one of the children’s favourite areas to play and explore. Sorting, alphabetizing, and building are just a few skills we work on at the light table. We also had more children join our classroom from Preschool 2, so welcome to all our new  friends and families.  Ms. Kennedy has also joined our classroom and will be team teaching with Ms. Lindsay.

This month the children have been busy learning all about Ocean life . Not only did we discuss and list the animals that live in the ocean and on the shore, but we also talked about the different ocean levels and how certain ocean animals live at each level. We also made our own moon sand with the children to create a “shore small world” for the children to play at with creatures we find near the ocean’s shore. We set up bins full of water and added ocean animals and the children enjoyed the water play.

We have also started our next set of Jolly Phonics letters at circle time with the children. Last month we focused on letters S, A, T, I, P, and N. This month we are singing and discussing words that start with letters C/K, E, H, R, M, and D.

The children were so excited and trying to patiently wait for the Easter Bunny to visit their homes. We painted beautiful eggs and bunnies made of plaster. The children enjoyed decorating bunny masks and footprints to take home. We finished our Easter festivities off with an egg hunt, the children searched all around the classroom to fill their baskets full of Easter eggs.

Our focus moving in to May will be Spring . We will discuss the weather, animals awaking from hibernation, and how the leaves and plants bud and blossom .

Just a reminder we are closed Monday May 23rd for Victoria Day. Have a safe and happy holiday.

With warmer weather coming, please note:

Sunscreen will be provided. The brand we use is Croc Bloc. It is paba-free, hypo-allergenic UVA/UVB broad spectrum sunscreen with SPF 30. Sunscreen is applied to all  exposed skin. If you do not want us to apply our sunscreen to your child, please let us know. In this case we ask that you apply your own sunscreen at home before your child arrives.