Preschool Room #3 News

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August is here and before you know, it will be September. We hope you are enjoying the summer with your little one before they head to “BIG SCHOOL!” Please remember to inform us of any vacations your child/children may be having in August. This will help us plan accordingly.


Last month the children had so much fun retelling fairy tales and other familiar stories. We went on a dozen bear hunts and they can each recite by memory the story of the three little pigs from acting it out. The children also loved making pirate maps. We learned new pirate slang ( ahoy, avast, blimey, scurvy, and yo ho ho) and learned that pirates don’t like taking baths    .


Next month we will talk about the collections of different authors. We will start with Dr. Seuss and make a Fox with Socks. Robert Munsch will be next, and the children love to listen to his silly stories about alligator babies and makeup messes. The Llama Llama series will allow us to explore different types of emotions, what the word bully means, and how we can show kindness to others. Finally, we will end the month with Curious George and laugh watching him get into all types of mischief around town.

Just a reminder we are close Monday, August 7th, or the Civic Holiday.  Also, we are closed Monday September 4th for Labour Day.

It has been an honour and a privilege for Ms. Alicia and I to get to know and spend time with each of your little ones. We have had such a great year, and this was truly a wonderful group. We are so sad to see them all go but excited for them to start their new journey kindergarten.  This entire group amazes us everyday and we are confident that they will all thrive in “Big School”.


Although our time has finished

Our smiles will never fade

We won’t forget

The handprints left

On memories we have made



Ms. Lindsay