Preschool Room #3 News

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The beginning of September is very exciting for the children in our classroom as they anticipate the start of  “big school!” Back to school prep was a big focus for us for the month of August. Printing, tracing, and Jolly Phonic practice will help the children transition seamlessly to kindergarten.  The children’s self help skills during washroom routines, eating, and dressing for outdoor play have  greatly improved and we are confident that they will have no trouble going to school.

Last month we took time to learn about different authors. We started the month with Dr. Suess making Fox with Socks puppets and our very own Dr. Suess hats. Robert Munsch was next, and the kids loved listening to his silly stories about an Alligator Baby and Smelly Socks. The Llama Llama series taught the children about the many different types of emotions we can experience and what the word “bully” means and how we can show kindness to others. Curious George kept us laughing watching him get into all types of mischief around town.

Just a Reminder we are closed Monday September 5th for Labour Day. Enjoy!